In Her Own Little Ways

nanay and grace

Grace is Papsie’s niece, daughter of her elder sister. Just recently, her father was brought to the hospital because of a difficulty in breathing. He was diagnosed having a heart ailment.

Papsie, being ever present during situations like these, was the one who had offered generously his time and service to bring them to the hospital when they took turns tending their father who was later confined. We did not hear him complain though it required him to go back and forth. This was an effort for him because with his condition, he gets tired easily.
Such attribute really made me adore my husband. With the much indifference he experienced with his kith and kin, he would not take those against them. He would be ever ready to help at all times, to do his small part as brother, or friend, or son, or wife, or father.
Perhaps Grace saw it – the thoughtfulness and the graciousness of his mother’s brother. It did not end by her saying ‘thank you’ and bringing three Jollibee pies. She gave Papsie a short letter last October 14, 2005.
Dearest Tito Dan,
I just want you to know that I truly appreciate your help during those times na nasa hospital si Papa and this is my little way of saying thank you, sana di ka magsawa ^__^ Thank you very much!!!
Coming home from work that day, he showed me right away the letter. I was also touched by the letter then cooed, “Naks, touched ka, ‘no?” approaching him by the sink. He cannot look at me because he was teary-eyed already. No other words but with a broken voice, he uttered, “Oo…
Pondering, I now realized why Grace is special to my mother-in-law. She is a person who readily reciprocates love and care. In her own little ways, she takes time to say a heartfelt thank you. Maybe for others it would be hypocrisy or pretense, but for us, especially for me, the joy that letter gave Papsie is more than a way of showing gratitude.
Keep it up, Mary Grace! You made a difference.

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