Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

One of my blog friends, Major Tom, tagged me. It seems tags are chasing everybody these days.

I do not have the habit of remembering exact dates, except those that are really very important, or significant, and require my memory to store.

TWENTY YEARS AGO, and that was 1985, a year before I finish college, a year of struggle and pain because Papa’s health was deteriorating. He was diagnosed to have emphysema. He was a chain smoker.

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, and that was 1990, my first-born Kay was one year old, a precious jewel to behold, wrote a poem for her. I started keeping photo albums which I was not fond of before.

TEN YEARS AGO, and that was 1995, my second child, Daryl, was three years old. That was the time he began chattering like a bird. He was not talking till he was two years old. It had me very worried.

FIVE YEARS AGO, and that was 2000, I resigned from my work of 12 years. A poor decision to have stayed that long, I suppose.

THREE YEARS AGO, and that was 2002, a year of self-discovery, confidence and strengthened belief.

LAST YEAR, and that was 2004, got tired/bored of chatting, discovered blogging which took my interest. It had really turned the tide. Blogging made me discover myself more, and made me an addict, too he he

THIS YEAR, 2005, news of the horrendous death of my aunt, found inside her room dead atop her bed, and alone, shook me. Her death became a vehicle to reunite with relatives I have not seen for years.

TEN YEARS FROM NOW, and that will be 2015. Kay and Daryl might be working already and earning money for themselves. It will be a year after our 25th year as a married couple. I wonder if we will still be doing together the same stuff?

If you would like to reminisce, just take time to recollect and post. Go!

3 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. at ten years from now.. ang tanong: nagba-blog pa kaya tayo nun sistah??

    hey, kita mo naman two-in-a-row nakong una dito haaaaaaaaa!!! [yan, exclamation points na yan, jehjeh!]

    HAPPY WEEKEND sis, take care =)


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